Internal Audit and Risk Management

Internal audit

There is an increasing expectation that certain organisations, such as Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations) and Credit Unions, carry out ongoing assessment of internal controls and governance  Our Internal Audit service provides a solution to this and is designed to give assurance that there are sufficient internal controls in place throughout the organisation’s activities to mitigate the risk of loss. The key aspects of our service are:-

Audit Needs Assessment
Preparation of an audit needs assessment brings a scientific approach ensuring that resources are targeted to those areas of most significance.

Audit Plan
Production of an Internal Audit plan ensuring that key areas are tested on a regular basis and that other less significant areas are subject to internal audit work on a rotational basis.

Carrying out the Internal Audit
This will involve completion of an internal audit work programme offering tests on all areas of the organisation’s activities which are relevant to the internal control environment.

Internal Audit Reports
Production of a report covering the work performance findings, and any control recommendations arising.

Our internal audit package offers an integrated solution to the overall responsibility of management of the systems of internal control.

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Risk management

All businesses and organisations face risks and Alexander Sloan can help to manage these by designing systems and controls. Most organisations face the risks of:

  • Fraud and corruption.
  • IT System weaknesses.
  • Loss of reputation.
  • Failure to achieve objectives.

We have experience of risk management and can help you carry out a thorough risk assessment in order to identify all areas of risk and create a risk register.

We can then assist you in designing and implementing systems to mitigate risks that best meet your needs.

Our team will work with you to develop practical solutions tailored to your own needs and circumstances.

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Without Alexander Sloan’s assistance and highlighting the benefits of Xero, I would have wasted so much time and effort. What made the decision straightforward was knowing that I had the support of Alexander Sloan in the background to provide expert assistance when required.

Alan Dickson, Secretary, Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland

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