The Energy Crisis – how we can help

Businesses need not feel helpless whilst energy costs continue to rise; through online resources there are ways to navigate this difficult time.

The Energy Crisis: How it happened and what we can do to help

As the energy crisis continues to unfold, many households are struggling to pay bills and stay warm as prices continue to soar as the UK rate of inflation reaches a staggering 9%. The energy crisis stems from the UK’s reliance on imported energy and our lack of storage capacity. This coupled with the reduction in supply from Russia has led to a shortage of supply throughout Europe, leading to increased demand and consequently a significant spike in price.

The COP26 meeting in Glasgow last year included an agreement by world leaders to commit to reducing emissions and many countries indicated an initial pledge to invest in renewable energy and implement Net Zero strategies in the years ahead. Although the UK has committed to investing in renewable energy and has made significant strides, there is currently not enough supply to meet energy demands and therefore entirely remove the need for fossil fuels.

As Accountants, we understand and can see that businesses have struggled through the last few years to return to pre-pandemic trading and now with the energy crisis at worrying levels, we are engaging with our current App partners to deliver meaningful solutions to our clients.

We understand the current issues that businesses face and within the last few years, we have partnered with Reducer to help support our clients. Reducer is an award-winning connected purchasing platform that partners with Accountants to help their clients.

Essentially, Reducer analyses your bills for key spend areas such as Gas, Electricity, Water, Waste, Broadband and Telecoms amongst others. Once Reducer has analysed your bills by comparing them against hundreds of suppliers, they will generate a report that outlines potential savings. Aside from highlighting savings, Reducer will also handle the switch for you, meaning you do not need to spend time contacting your current suppliers to switch providers. The best part is that it is quick, easy, and free.

If you would like to explore using Reducer, please contact us through our Cloud Accounting page and we can discuss the process.