Rachel Gilzean

Position: Audit Supervisor
Email: rachel.gilzean@alexandersloan.co.uk
Phone: 0141 204 8989

I joined Alexander Sloan as a trainee in September 2020, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2023. My current role at Alexander Sloan is Audit Supervisor. I lead audits within the Credit Union, Housing Association and Charity sectors, and I also have experience with commercial clients.

I am also responsible for managing a small portfolio of audits, ensuring that work is completed efficiently and client deadlines are met. This involves having a good working relationship with clients and providing support to others within the audit team.

Within my role as supervisor, I support ICAS and ACCA students with their training and audit work.


Jasneet Singh Arora

Position: Audit Manager
Email: jasneet.arora@alexandersloan.co.uk
Phone: 0141 204 8989

As a Chartered Accountant and full member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) since 2019, I bring almost a decade of experience providing auditing and assurance services to various clients, including public and corporate sector organizations.

My expertise in audit in diverse sectors including but not limited to banking, power generation, oil, and telecom provided me insights to develop financial strategies that deliver results for my clients. I graduated with an MBA (Strategy and International Business) from the University of Glasgow in 2022.

I joined Alexander Sloan in 2022 as an Audit Manager, I oversee a portfolio of clients, including charities, credit unions, and housing associations. I have a track record of mentoring teams and developing their skills to become future leaders.

Heather Young

Position: Audit Supervisor
Email: heather.young@alexandersloan.co.uk
Phone: 0141 204 8989

I joined Alexander Sloan as a trainee in May 2019 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2022.  In my current role as Audit Supervisor, I am responsible for leading audits in the Charities, Housing Associations, and Credit Unions sectors.

In addition to leading audits, I manage a small portfolio of audits and ensuring all work is completed efficiently and meeting client deadlines and expectations effectively.

My role as supervisor includes supporting ICAS and ACCA students with their training, studying and audit work.

Amie Laing

Position: Audit Assistant Manager
Email: amie.laing@alexandersloan.co.uk
Phone: 0141 204 8989

I joined Alexander Sloan in 2018 as a trainee and qualified as an Accountant in 2022. In my current role as Audit Assistant Manager, I lead various audits across a range of different sectors including Housing Associations, Credit Unions, charities and I also have experience with commercial clients.

In addition to leading audits part of my role is managing a small portfolio of audits ensuring that the audit process is completed efficiently and having a close relationship with both staff and clients.

In my role as supervisor I also help support ACCA and ICAS students throughout their training and audit work.

Helen Cunningham

Position: Virtual FD Consultant
Email: helen@alexandersloan.co.uk
Phone: 0141 204 8989

I first joined Alexander Sloan in 2000, gaining my ICAS qualification in 2003, progressing to Audit Manager. Since then, i have worked for a number of medium sized audit firms specialising in the not-for-profit sector.

As my interest in the charity sector grew, I volunteered for two years as a Trustee and Chair of the Audit Committee of a large Glasgow based charity, before leaving the world of audit for Head of Finance and Resources/Finance manager roles for two Scottish charities from 2012 to 2018.

I returned to Alexander Sloan in 2018 as Virtual FD Consultant (specialising in not-for-profit entities). The knowledge and experience gained over the years from the perspectives of Board, Senior Management and Auditor have positioned me well to work closely with my clients in order to meet their Virtual FD needs.

Daniel Arrowsmith

Position: Internal Audit Manager
Email: daniel.arrowsmith@alexandersloan.co.uk
Phone: 0141 204 8989

I joined Alexander Sloan in 2022 and was appointed Internal Audit Manager during 2023. In my role, I am responsible for contributing to the development and improvement of Credit Unions through preparation and presentation of internal audit reports on findings.

Coming from the credit unions’ trade association, ABCUL, I have a deep knowledge of the sector from my years of policy and compliance experience as well as substantial insight into working constructively with Government and the financial services regulators.

Robert Pattie

Position: Tax Manager
Email: robert.pattie@alexandersloan.co.uk
Phone: 0141 204 8989

I am a Chartered Tax Adviser originally training as an Inspector of Taxes  followed by thirty years’ experience  in professional practice.

I joined Alexander Sloan in November 2020 and work with a variety of corporate clients, in both the commercial and  not for profit sectors. My role is primarily the provision of corporation tax compliance services but also includes general corporation tax advice as required.

I work closely with other services within in the firm to ensure that we provide a joined up and efficient service which meets clients’ needs.

Robert Pattie

Miriam Akhtar

Position: Head of Digital Accounting
Email: miriam.akhtar@alexandersloan.co.uk
Phone: 0141 204 8989

I was appointed Head of Digital Accounting from September 2021, having joined Alexander Sloan as the firm’s Cloud Accountant in 2019 shortly after becoming ACCA qualified.  My role is to encourage the use of cloud accounting software, such as Xero,  by our clients and being involved in the firm’s cloud-related projects.

As technology in accountancy evolves through initiatives like Making Tax Digital I aim to ensure our clients are the forefront of emerging technologies.

I use my experience in Xero to demonstrate, train and convert clients’ bookkeeping software and assist them gaining from the efficiencies of using cloud-based accounting software.