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External audit

Many limited companies and other entities are required by law to have their accounts audited.  We are experienced in the audit of a wide range of businesses and we are external audit specialists in the Registered Social Landlord, Charity and Credit Union sectors.  In addition, many Organisations may require a voluntary audit to be done as a result of their governing document or at the request of funders.  We are registered to carry out audit work by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for Scotland.

Our audit service aims to provide you with confidence and accuracy of your financial statements and assurance as to the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounting procedures and internal controls.  It provides information on a number of services which can make a difference such as corporate and personal tax, information technology and personal wealth management for owners.  Our approach to any audit assignment includes:-


To focus on key areas and to identify at an early stage areas of potential difficulty and likely solutions.  To agree the work programme and reporting timetable.

Audit Fieldwork

The audit team is always fully briefed and is led by a partner/associate who has first hand experience of the client's needs and has a wide experience of similar organisations.

As well as fulfilling your statutory obligations, during the course of the audit we would seek to identify potential risks arising from weaknesses in your accounting, reporting or internal controls.  We produce a formal letter at the end of the audit which specifies matters requiring attention and recommending action.  Our audit department works closely with all the departments in the firm.  We will bring in our tax and other specialists when needed, working with them to achieve the desired results on your behalf.


We will ensure that your reporting timetable is met in terms of the approval of statutory accounts and dealing with any other reporting obligations that you have.  We will also attend board meetings and your Annual General Meeting, if required, and present the accounts in a manner to assist understanding of the key features.

Value to the Audit

We will use the audit as an opportunity to make appropriate recommendations on improvements to both your controls and your financial performance, and to offer cost effective constructive advice.

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