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Our Mission 

Alexander Sloan is committed to being a successful organisation.  We define success as delivering value to our Clients, our Staff and the Partnership.

What does delivering value mean to each stakeholder?

For our clients, delivering value means providing an excellent service, representing  value for money and being recognised as a trusted adviser. 

For our staff, delivering value means creating an environment that develops staff to fulfil their potential, which staff can be proud to be a part of and that provides attractive working conditions and rewards excellence.

For the partnership, delivering value means being a financially successful firm and maintaining a high quality of service now and in the future. 

How do we achieve our mission ?

We believe that the introduction of our Value Statement based on certain core values provides focus to our stated commitment.


Our Core Values

We believe that Alexander Sloan has six core values.

Respect -  we operate in an inclusive environment treating everyone with courtesy and consideration

Excellence – we set the highest standards and aspire to exceed expectations.

Collaboration – we work together to deliver the best outcomes

Integrity – we believe honesty and trust is fundamental to everything we do

Progression – we are proactive in seeking change and embracing new ideas

Expertise – we accrue and apply knowledge to achieve the best results.

We believe that these core values combined are our RECIPE for success

To learn a little more about what each Core Value represents and how we demonstrate this, please follow the links.


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