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Alexander Sloan’s Value Statement is a declaration of our core beliefs and priorities. 

We believe a clearly defined Value Statement projects the culture of the firm, is a visible representation of what Alexander Sloan is about, providing a complete picture of what we stand for in external publications and tender documents. 

We believe a clearly defined Value Statement informs new staff about the firm through our induction process, assists with our appraisal processes, and providing a framework with which to measure the success of the firm. 

We believe adherence to our six Core Values of:

Respect -  Excellence – Collaboration – Integrity – Progression – Expertise

is crucial in delivering value to our clients, to our staff, and to the partnership as a whole. 

 We believe that being able to measure our performance and actions for each Value against benchmarks set out in our Business Plan is essential in improving our delivery of value and meeting our stated commitment.  

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